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Cross Roads Tour Entertainment was founded by Kenny Churchill on May 1, 2009. Ken's concept was to create a World Cup of bands from different countries with Christian Rock. Each event will have a festival atmosphere with a rodeo twist from the World Cup Bull Riders events. The festivals will have fun band competitions along with well known artists. The venues will also be surrounded by other attractions such as mechanical bulls, rock climbing walls, bungee jumps, barbeque's, vender's and sponsors.

Cross Roads will also cross over to country Bluegrass festivals as well and country festivals. Rodeos will be added to various country events. Kenny's motive with Cross Roads is not to preach, but to send a message that Cross Roads will always be there for those who need someone to reach out to seeking Christianity. We will also help non profit organizations an opportunity to raise funds through Cross Roads venues.

Kenny is a former bull rider and the founder of the World Cup Bull Riders with a passion for both rodeo and music.

Cross Roads Personnel:
Ken Churchill, C.E.O.
Jim Luongo, C.F.O
Ryan Conley, Tour Manager
Sandy Sacchetti, Administrative Executive
Lenny and Theresa Inkel, Public Relations
Joel Simpson, C.R. Crew Team
Mike Cintron, C.R. Crew Team
Chris Freeland, C.R. Crew Team
Dick Williams, Equipment Manager

Contact Info:
Kenny Churchill (617) 407-6096
Joel Simpson (870) 217-2949
Sandy Sacchetti sandy@crossroadstour.com
Lenny Inkel (207) 252-4417


If you would like to become a sponsor, and see your logo featured on CrossRoadsTour.com, please click here to download sponsorship details (pdf) or contact Ken Churchill at (617) 407-6096

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